Glutamine synthetase gene

Glutamine synthetase gene
Biotechnology: GS gene

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  • Glutamine-tRNA ligase — In enzymology, a glutamine tRNA ligase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:ATP + L glutamine + tRNAGln ightleftharpoons AMP + diphosphate + L glutaminyl tRNAGlnThe 3 substrates of this enzyme are ATP, L… …   Wikipedia

  • GMP synthase (glutamine-hydrolysing) — In enzymology, a GMP synthase (glutamine hydrolysing) (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:ATP + xanthosine 5 phosphate + L glutamine + H2O ightleftharpoons AMP + diphosphate + GMP + L glutamateThe 4 substrates of …   Wikipedia

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  • Glutamina sintetasa — Glutamato amonio ligasa Centro activo entre dos monómeros de glutamina sintetasa de la Salmonella typhimurium. Los sitios de unión de los cationes están en amarillo y naranja, el ADP está en rosa y la fosfinotricina está en azul.[1 …   Wikipedia Español

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